2 PCs Squishies Slow Rising Kawaii Scented Soft Jumbo Unicorn Squishy Food Toy Child Party Supplies

I got this since it comes in a pack of two and I am giving one to my oldest daughter so she can put on her key chain for when they are out and about with my granddaughter who can hold the keys and play with this. It is cute and squishy so she will love it. It is also a nice way to see your keys if they would drop since it is more noticeable. I have to mention omg this smells so good I feel silly smelling my keys but yum. I have high anxiety so I kept the second one for myself and put it on my keys since I can use it as a stress reliever while shopping so I don’t plow someone down with my cart. I know we have all thought about it from time to time and some days more than others. I might have to get extras for when I wear this one out.


Dainayw Premium Dual Tips Art Markers, Fine and Chisel Tip, Permanent Artist Sketch Marker with Black Carrying Case, Adult Coloring and Animation Design – 72 Colors

My daughter is very artistic and I am always looking for things to assist her in continuing to draw and with this set of markers she can do so much. You get 72 markers with this set which is an amazing deal and even a few extras. The case also adds so much to be desired of this since it really helps to keep it all together and you can even take it with you when you go places or move from one area of the house to another which my daughter does a great deal. Whether you like to color the adult coloring books which are pretty cool now days or you draw and do your own art, these are the perfect choice. I do like the dual sides that gives you the option to use a wider or smaller point to create the perfect look.



[Improved] #1 V-Blade Mandoline Slicer + FREE Cut-Resistant Gloves | Stainless Steel Adjustable Vegetable Slicer, Julienne Cutter | Includes 5 Inserts, Blade Guard, Food Holder & Blade Safety Sleeve

Slicing vegetables is one of the main purposes that I bought this slicer. I do a lot of different veggies for meals and I do not like spending a great deal of time doing this. My prep time needs to be quick since it is hard for me by evening to stand for long periods of time. This is easy to use and with the different options of slicing I am able to get exactly the size I want. I really like using this to make eggplant slices and it is so quick and easy to do. It has been so handy also for slicing potatoes and I have tried many slicers over the years this one really is nice and I do like the design of this with its ease of use. You do need to make sure that you are using the piece to hold on to the food since the blades are sharp and that is important since that helps cut the food easier. This does come with the gloves as well for an extra safety precaution but be sure to use both when cutting. This is a great slicer and I am really pleased with how well it works.


UPmall Aromatherapy Essential Oil Difusser Jewelry Necklace, Italy Premium Glass Handcraft Aroma Pendant With Adjustable Chain Full Length 20”-28”, Free Accessories Gifted (Blue)

Essential oils have become a big part of everything from making my house smell great and even the vehicles but now I can even have some with me at all times. This necklace comes with the coolest little bottle I have ever seen. It has an adjustable chain which I like since I can make this longer for me and if my daughter wants to where it she can go shorter. I may not let her borrow it since I may never get it back. The glass bottle comes with two toppers just in case you lose one which is really great. It even has a dropper for ease of putting in the oils. This is really unique and would make a great gift if you have someone that you just don’t know what to get this is perfect. You could at it with a set of essential oils even to make an even more exciting gift. I love this and it is very well done.


Speed Cube 3x3x3 Puzzle games as Portable Toys and Gift for Kids or Adults , Birthdays, Valentine’s day, Easter, Christmas.DIY Present Packing (3×3 cube, 5.6cm5.6cm5.6cm)

Even though my kids are older I have been finding different things that can make us laugh and they can share jokes about how old I am because they sure seem to think that is fun when we are talking about how I could do this when I was younger. My son who is 18 challenged me to see who could do this faster granted I can only do one side at a time anymore not very often was I able to get them all but it makes for a fun time no matter what the age. As for me and my ancient but it is fun to try and remember how to do this after all these years and wow I got my kids away from their phones for a bit.

Dog Toys – Plush Squeaky Duck & 2 Pack Dragons & 4 Pack Rope Toys for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

These are not only cute as can be but lots of  places for the dogs to grab on and play with them. They have the squeaky inside which my dog always has to find a way to get out it is funny to watch him. These are very well made and the dogs seem to really be enjoying them. Till the one will run away and hide it for himself because he is a toy hoarder and really needs an intervention. He will even freak out at the cat if he thinks she is after his stash and she certainly has no intentions of wanting anything that the dog has. These will be a nice added collection to his hoard since he was wanting a dinosaur toy.

He was already running away with it and all I could catch was a color going by.


SimLife LED Plant Grow Light Kit Intelligent Indoor Grow Lamp with USB Port Auto Mode for Home Office Garden Greenhouse

I am trying to get Venus flytraps to grow for my daughter and could not find till end of season so now it’s been hard for me to keep them alive. I have limited number of places that I can put them that will get enough sunlight. I do not have a green thumb at all but have been giving it a good try. I came across this and thought not only is it the perfect size but it will be perfect for this. It provides the light that the plant is not getting and with an easy water this really has made it convenient to try and save her plant. So far one is doing great but it is better than none and I like the look of this as well. It is convenient to water with the little water pitcher that comes with makes it easy to make sure it is getting the right amount as well.

This is such a great idea for a small plant that that does not get enough light. 22279368_10154988496481616_17649768_o

Dog Sweater Coat Apparel – Plaid Knitwear Winter Clothes

This is a must have in fashion for your four legged friend this winter and as the weather gets cooler. It has a super fit and in fact my dog is on the bigger boned side (it hurts his feelings if we call him fat) and he had plenty of room with the large size. It was easy to get on which is the most important part for me since he was not sure about having to wear this since he was afraid it would make him look bulky. The elastic collar really does make this easy to get on and off and I think he looks stunning. He will be the envy of the neighborhood each time we go out. Now if you are looking for one that is pink they have that one as well and your female fur baby would look super cute as well. This really is a great fit and easy to put on and take off.  I think he looks quite dapper what do you think? Lets show Taz some love and tell him how handsome he looks in his new sweater.


Coffee Spoons, Gift Spoons with Creative Curved Handle, UTours 304 Stainless Steel Plum Spoon Suitable For Lover, Friends, Family, Party, Wedding, Birthday, 4 Pcs(2/Gold+2/Silver)

I am using these spoons to create cute gifts since they are the perfect size for stir spoons that will look great with mugs with homemade hot chocolate. These are the perfect size for a mug and a spoon and since I really enjoy giving personalized gifts this was perfect for that reason. I really like the design on these giving it such a personal touch and this really allows me to create the perfect gift.


Dowswin Pet hair Trimmer Kit Animal Pet Cat Dog Grooming Clipper

Taking my dog to an actual groomer would be nice but among the horror stories I hear about and the fact I really do not think my dog would do well since she is kind of a butt around other dogs no she is a straight crazy when it comes to dogs she does not know. So, with this it really allows me to do some trimming up at home and bypass the groomers. This is easy to use and grip which is important to me plus I do like to leave the guard on when not using since it is sharp and does cut well.