Hoont Robust Electric Indoor Outdoor Fly Zapper and Bug Zapper Trap Catcher Killer – Protects Up to 1.5 Acre / Bug and Fly Killer, Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer – For Residential and Commercial Use

One of my favorite things about this is it is an indoor or an outdoor use bug zapper. The bugs are so bad this year and this makes sitting outside so much easier. If I don’t use it is just a nightmare of being miserable with bugs.  This has a nice look and works amazingly well.



dodocool Steamer For Clothes, 5-in-1 Clothes Steamer,Garment Steamer,Fabric Steamer,Travel Steamer,Handheld Steamer Powerful Steamer Wrinkle Remover With Automatic Shut-Off Safety Protection-180ML

Why drag out all the things to iron when you can use this and steam the wrinkles out. It is so much more convenient and much faster. This is simple to use as well as take with you. It does not leak so you do not have to worry about water getting all over and I worry less about wrinkled clothes when packing.

Tomameri – MP3/MP4 Player with Rhombic Button, Including a 16 GB Micro SD Card and Maximum support 32GB, Compact Music & Video Player, Photo Viewer, Video and Voice Recorder Supported – Blue

This is perfect for what I was wanting and is easy to download music to and I am able to not worry about it getting stolen or even lost. It is a great price and allows  you to use a 32GB so you can load a great deal of music to this. It comes with a 16GB which was plenty for me but nice to know you can add more.


Btopllc Portable Slim Rechargeable External Battery Case External Power Bank Charger Built-in Battery Case for iPhone 6/6s 4.7 inch, 3500mAh Charger Case Powered Backup Battery Case – Gold

This charges up the phone easily and I get the peace of mind knowing that the phone will have a charge when I need it. It has a nice protection for the phone as well so it is great that this has a dual purpose as a charger as well as a case. Easy to use and really has a nice fit for the phone.

Bable Baby Sound Machine and Night Light Sleep Aid, White Noise with 40 Soothing Songs, Sleep Soothers Portable Soft Stuffed Animal Shower Gifts (9.5″ Penguin)

I have a grandson on the way and I just knew that this would make an amazing gift for him. It is a night light as well as has soothing sounds and it is so adorable. This is great for a newborn to older since it does more than just play music and it is so easy to use. I like that this will grow with him.




Ordekcity 2 Pack Washable Cleaning Pads Household Microfiber Replacement Cleaning Pads for Shark Steam Pocket Mops Shark Steam Pocket Mops S3500 series S3501 S3601 S3550 S3901 S3801 SE450 S3801CO S360

I am so pleased that I was able to find replacement cleaning pads for my shark. When we moved I am not sure what happened to the pads for mine and I was not able to find any in the stores. I know am able to use my steam mop once again. I thought for sure that it was just going to be useless but now I can put it back to work.

Premium Plastic Cutting Board Set By Wahilulu – 3 pc Non-Slip Kitchen Essential Chopping Board Kit – Dishwasher Safe – Non-Slip Rubber Ends & Handles – Anti-Drip Juice Groove Lip (Large, Red)

I desperately was in need of cutting boards since for some reason i cant find the ones that I had. It is ok though since I really needed new ones and I am absolutely in love with this set. I like the different sizes the small one is perfect for the small jobs I have and I do not have to wash the bigger cutting board when its not necessary. Now to washing omg they are dishwasher safe yep i said that right dishwasher safe just put them in and there you go. I do like the handles also since i drop things a lot and this really makes it easier for me. If you need new cutting boards these are a great buy and a must have.

Essential Oil Diffuser 550ml Wood Grain Diffuser with Auto Shut-Off, 7 Color Light Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Humidifier and 4 Timer Settings Humidifiers for Bedroom Office – by Zalik


I really enjoy using diffusers around the house just to add a nice sent and ones that are calming and nice. The wood look of this looks great and is a nice way to enjoy some relaxing scents along with just relaxing with this. I do like the timer settings so I do not have to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Feminine Wet Wipes, Luxurious Moist Towelettes, Great For Camping & Travel Personal Hygiene & Body Cleansing, 100 Wipes, Set Of 2 Packs

It has gotten beyond hot already this year and since I am doing some traveling I wanted personal wipes that I could take with me and these are a nice size not to mention I have sensitive skin and have not had any issues with using. They also work amazing for areas that are sweating and ladies lets face it sweating is the worst. I am able to put this in a small carry bag and take them in with me when I stop. I have used these for even boob sweat and wow do they really help to feel better. I do not like feeling sweaty and unclean and these do a great job.


Feminine Wet Wipes, Luxurious Moist Towelettes, Great For Camping & Travel Personal Hygiene & Body Cleansing, 100 Wipes, Set Of 2 Packs