Homelike Collection Bed Sheet Set 1 Flat Sheet,1 Fitted Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases,100% Brushed Microfiber 1800 Luxury Bedding,Deep Pockets,Extra Soft & Fade Resistant – 4 piece (Queen,Silver Gray)

The sheets were a nice fit and not thin like so many others I have purchased. I am extremely picky when it comes to the fit of sheet and ones that do not feel like you are sleeping on sand paper. The other really important aspect of sheets is do they stay on the bed when you are sleeping. I am so pleased with how nicely these stay on no waking up to half the sheet off. Really these are so comfortable and worth buying. It is a great set of sheets.



Carfeny Jewelry Adjustable Vintage Cuff Bangle Feather Shaped Black Silver Two Stone Crystal Wide Bangle Bracelet for Women Girls

The look of this bracelet is stunning and the perfect gift for my soon to be 22-year-old daughter. I know that she will just be so pleased with the look of this bracelet and how well it will match her personality. This is well made and I really like the hinge open design making this a hassle-free way to put it on and take it off. It looks amazing on and I really like the retro design and couldn’t be more pleased with how great this looks.

MEVA Kids Walking and Barking Pet Puppy Dog with Remote Control Leash

My daughter really wanted to find a walking dog for my granddaughter for Christmas and hinted to me that I really should help find one. Her requirements were that it had to have a leash and it must walk. It’s like well don’t make it to complicated but I do believe I found the perfect one and my daughter thinks it is perfect also. This is easy to control so she will be able to play with it without getting frustrated. I like that it just has the two buttons really making this perfect for even younger ones. Not to mention it is just cute as can be and walks and barks just like having a puppy without the extra work.

Nail Polish – Non Toxic Water Based Non-peelable Kids Nail Polish,Gift Set for Girls Pregnant Women and Skin Sensitive People,Upgraded Formulation(4 Bright Colors with 1 Top Coat)

My daughter has been talking about painting her daughter’s nails since she was pregnant with her. My granddaughter is now over a year old and I wanted to find something that would work for her to get her nails painted. I wanted to make sure that I could find one that would be safe for her to use and I am please with this as it is water based and chemical free that is really important that I know it is safe for my granddaughter. This has no strong odor and goes on nice because of course I had to check it out before sending it to my daughter. This also dries nicely which really is nice.

#Royar Beauty

Dabbing Santa T-Shirt – Funny Santa Claus Christmas Dab Tee

This t-shirt is a must have for the holidays I absolutely think this is just cool. I had to get this for my son in law because he has an amazing sense of humor and will like it as much as I do. This shirt is true to size which is always really nice to know. The shirt is really a good quality and the design on the shirt is not going to come off any time soon. I really am pleased with how nice this is and I think the Santa is rocking it. This is the coolest shirt.

ROVATE Bathroom Thermostatic Shower System Wall Mounted ain Anti Scald Device Rainfall Shower Combo Set with 8 Inch Shower Head Polished Chrome

I did not expect us to have to completely change the bathroom around and when I originally bought this it was to really upgrade the shower I already have. We are now having to gut it all out but I like this so much that I want it to be included in my new shower. It will add such a great look to a new shower and since my husband insists that we have to have a shower head that can be handheld as well I knew that this would be perfect. He actually had to tell me that he was impressed with my choice and oh boy did I have to gloat about that one. I really like the look of this and how wonderful it will add to my new shower.

Holiday Lotion Gift Sets,8 ounce Shower Gel and Body Lotion,Stocking Stuffers for Women,Cruelty Free,Paraben Free,Made In USA,Bath Sets For Women.Holiday Gift Sets for Her

If you are looking for a nice gift set to give this holiday season look no further than this. One of the things that really caught my attention with this set is that it is paraben-free and cruelty free. After a stressful day nothing is better than being able to relax and do some serious pampering for yourself. Even if you do not get much time to do things for yourself this set is easy to use and if you are looking to gift this it is already packaged so nicely.


Never too late to die: There IS such a thing as a perfect crime

I wanted a book that would really catch my attention and hold it. I had a bunch of appointments to go to for my husband and dental appointments for the kids so what else is there to do when you are just sitting and waiting. It was a well written attention-grabbing book. The detail really helped me focus on what was going on and wanting to read more. It was a page turner and I was excited to get the time to read more of the book. If you are looking for a good book to read this one is a must. The only disappointment you will have is being finished and wondering what to read next.

LED Night Lamp for Baby Nursery, Romantic Mood with Voice Command Control Touch Eye Caring Adjustable Brightness and Sensitive 7 Colors Rechargeable



I had to get this for my granddaughter and my daughter. My daughter really likes mushroom decorations so when I saw this I knew that I had to get this for her as a gift.  I really like that this can change colors for what you are wanting to use it for as well as it has a nice soft light so it is nice for a nightlight as well. The voice activated part really is something that is my favorite with this since she can turn it on before getting in the room. I forgot to mention that you can move the top so that the light shines away or where you are wanting it to go. I might have to buy a few more of these they are really great.


Pet Heating Pad, Dog Cat Electric Heating Pad Waterproof Adjustable Warming Mat with Chew Resistant Steel Cord

I have a bulldog and they are fun loving but so much care required. They do not tolerate the cold or the heat for that matter. I like to keep it cooler in the house since nobody seems to be happy with any temperature I have it set at one room will be hot the other freezing. This is perfect for the bulldog since he needs to stay a bit warmer. Now the biggest reason I chose this is the chew resistant cord he doesn’t chew but I never know what he might do since he has some odd habits. The other reason is that I can easily wipe this off which is perfect because he can make things smell pretty bad sometimes. The other reason this is great for wiping off is my cat likes to pee on anything that belongs to the dogs. I couldn’t figure out who was peeing on the dog beds and then I caught him not only once but multiple times. This works so nicely and can even be placed under a blanket that he uses and keeps him just the right temperature.